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Phase 3 Media Partners with Trees Atlanta

February 4, 2008

Phase 3 Media today announced that as part of its Green Initiative, they are donating 5% of all revenue sold from their recycled product lines to Trees Atlanta. The money will go toward planting & maintaining trees throughout the city.

“We are deeply grateful to Phase 3 Media for their support of our efforts to re-green Atlanta.” said Marcia Bansley, Executive Director of Trees Atlanta. “Each dollar invested by Phase 3 Media will go toward planting & care efforts for young shade trees & conservation efforts for majestic older trees of Atlanta.”

Jim Cannata, Director of Business Development at Phase 3 Media, said the company wanted to go beyond basic green practices while also helping the community.

“There aren’t a lot of recycled stock options for the type of print services we provide, & finding environmentally friendly offerings can be challenging,” he said. “We had to think outside the box in order to lessen our impact. Offering recycled stocks & other ‘me too’ tactics just weren’t enough. We needed to get creative, so replenishing seemed logical.”

On January 3rd, 2008, Phase 3 Media launched a full-scale “Green Initiative” to raise awareness of environmental responsibility among customers, suppliers & employees. In addition to offering a line of recycled paper stocks & donating proceeds to Trees Atlanta, Phase 3 Media recycles all post production waste, implements water-saving tactics in the office, sends client invoices by e-mail to save paper & uses environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies.

Phase 3 Media is a visual communications company offering graphic design, web design, digital printing, finishing, warehousing, distribution & print procurement software to medium & large corporations. Founded in 2001, the company has offices in Nashville, Tennessee, Charlotte, North Carolina & is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, please visit our website at

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