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Phase 3 Media Expands Its Green Initiative by Offering Papers Manufactured with Windpower

July 7, 2009

Phase 3 Media today announces that it has significantly expanded its Green Initiative by replacing 52% of its small format paper stocks with Mohawk Windpower paper.

All of the electricity used in the manufacturing of this paper is offset by clean, renewable windpower. In 2007, Mohawk received the EPA’s “Green Power Partner of the Year” award.

“By switching over 50% of our small format stocks to windpowered paper, more and more of our clients will be printing their jobs on environmentally friendly paper.” said Gail Turner, Director of Operations for Phase 3 Media. “This is a big step in Phase 3 Media’s goal of significantly reducing our carbon footprint along with helping our clients become more green as well.”

About Phase 3 Media:

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